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[ prolonged fart noise ]...welp...That was about as much fun as having a pretty [Beitrag #2544] Tue, 22 January 2019 03:58
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[ prolonged fart noise ]...welp...That was about as much fun as having a pretty face in a maximum security prison when all the guards go on a prolonged break & you're caught in the showers...or something.It's as if Miami is being punished for being so healthy throughout Training Camp and the Preseason.Still -jersey , despite losing 40% of our starting OL, 33% of our DL, and 50% of our starting DBs, nobody expected us to drop a colos sal turd in Fuxboro.This next game will show us all a lot about this what the 2018 team and the coaching staff are made of.In the meantime, let's have some fun & cheer our grumpy fan base up, shall we?Devin McCourty learned a valuable lesson on Sunday Xavien Howard Jersey , compliments of RB Kenyan Drake.Boop!@nashmax73 Is anyone really surprised that CB Bobby McCain got injured? Laws of Physics = OUCH!@nashmax73 And now comes a segment I like to call, "Make Fun of Brady."Oh look, here he comes to gloat about winning this time, unlike his last game against Miami on MNF.Truth Bomb@nashmax73 You can have how ever many tainted rings you want Brady, but you still act like a whiny, pouting baby when you hang around after wins but disappear immediately after a loss. Cry Baby@nashmax73 I will forever see this every time Tom Brady is on TV.Big Baby@nashmax73 Finally Authentic Daniel Kilgore Jersey , happy trails to disgruntled DT Jordan Phillips.If only you loved being part of a team as much as you loved grubbing or talking smack to Omar Kelly.The Hunger Is Real@nashmax73 #FinsUpBull Vs. Bear Fantasy Report, 1,200 All-Purpose Yards: Kenyan Drake I'll save you a Google search. The bull market means up (horns go up); the bear market means down (claws go down). It's tough in this writing business when you keep changing your mind on how you feel about something. I did a Phinsider Radio podcast 2 weeks ago and said I was "bearish" on Kenyan Drake. As of this writing, I want to have his babies. Put the shoe on the other foot, so to speak.He's got game-breaking ability, and once he develops into a seasoned route runner...WOW. Yet Youth Josh Sitton Jersey , Frank Gore could vulture TD's, and Kalen Ballage flashes legitimacy. This could be a true committee deeper into the season. How are the snaps divvied up? How do injuries affect the rotation over the course of the year? 锘縄'm beginning more and more to look at that 4th round as a draft pick commensurate with Drake's potential value.I'll set the barometer at 1,200 all-purpose yards, and you tell me are you bull or bear?
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